Two creative stuff for small kids to make kids easy at toilet

creative stuffs to make kids easy at tolilet

These days I got two creative stuffs for small kids, one is kid toilet step stool , the other item is Frog Shape Children Kids Potty Training Urinal 

creative stuff for small kids to make kids easy at toilet
creative stuff for small kids to make kids easy at toilet

Function for step stool:

1 to help the kids to be high enough to get on the European toilet to give shit or urine

Most of the toilets will be too high for kids to sit on, so it will be bad for small kids to get the habit of giving shit and urine in the toilet, with this trouble they will do this anywhere to make the house dirty and smell bad. After preparing this stuff kids will be easy to get on the toilets , sit on it and rest their legs in the comfortable place

2 with anti-slippery design

On the top of the stool there is anti-slippery design for kids, so as to protect the kids from falling down

3 universal for most of the European toilets

The size of the hole is suitable for most of the toilets 。

kid toilet step stool

benefits for kids potty training urinal:

1 to help the kids to get in the habit of giving urine in the right place

When kids are small,they would like to give urine anywhere,parents can use this urinal to train the kids to do this in the right way from they are very young

2  frog shape to make the urinal lovely to attract kids

3 easy to install and disassemble the equipment in the washing room

 On the back of the urinal, there are suction cups to make the item very easy to install and also easy to remove,when the kids grow higher day by day,you can also adjust the height of the product accordingly.  When the kids are old enough, you can also easy to remove it from the wall

kids potty training urinal

4 easy to clean

The 2-piece potty training urinal includes a removable middle bowl that detaches from the frame for easier cleaning. The bowl is easy to lift out of the frame, but fits snugly so you don’t need to worry about any unnecessary spills.

kids potty training urinal

These 2 toilets creative stuff are really awesome for the family with kids, with these items our parents can teach kids to give urine and shit in the right way and the right place. Buddies, just go and get one to make your life with kids happy!!

more creative stuff to help parents to take care of kids, please refer to the belowing link:

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