Tag: small life hacks

fan cover mesh—-creative product to make your home a safe place for children.

once i was reading some news on website,suddenly one interesting item jumped to my sight,it was a fan cover mesh。because i have a kid,now the summer comes,and fan has become a very normal and necessary part of our daily life,however, as your know the hole between the fan cover is still too big for small […]

small life hacks about how to deal with the shoes in our house.

these days two creative product is very popular on domestic Tiktok in china ,their name is fold-able shoes rack. one is mall, and can take around 3 or 4 shoes, the other one is bigger with ability to take around 10-20 pair of shoes. model 1: 3-in-1 shoe rack it has the belowing characteristics 1: […]

creative ideas for your life:mini washing machine–new style washing innovation for your family

have you been tired of washing socks and pants every day? have you ever got a moment that your want to get all the socks together to wash them at one time? to solve this problem., today i will introduce one innovative product–mini washing machine this machine used the ultrasonic principle to clean the items, […]

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