small life hacks about how to deal with the shoes in our house.

creative foldable shoes rack

these days two creative product is very popular on domestic Tiktok in china ,their name is fold-able shoes rack. one is mall, and can take around 3 or 4 shoes, the other one is bigger with ability to take around 10-20 pair of shoes.

model 1: 3-in-1 shoe rack

3 in 1 foldalbe shoe rack

it has the belowing characteristics

1: easy to take with small size. after being folded its size is like 28(length)*6(height)*8.5(width), so it is very easy to keep anywhere

3 in 1 and 4 in 1 foldable shoe rack

2:easy to install. on the backside of the rack there are strong sticker, make the wall or some furniture surface clean,then get off the paper,you can very easily to install it.

installation steps of foldable shoe rack

3:save your space of house, most of ur time, the corner of your house is useless,but with this rack,you can make full usage of it

foldable shoe rack

4: multi-functional. you can not only keep the shoes with it,but also you can use it to hung your towels in your bathroom. sometimes you want to keep slipper for bathroom,but a big rack will be too big,so with this small rack it is just right for wet condition usage

foldable shoe rack

model 2: installation free bamboo foldable shoe rack

foldable shoe rack

this model of shoe rack is made of bamboo,so it is very environment friendly, from the up photo you can know very clear that this shelf is very easy to operate, you just need to open it and pull it to both side,then you can use it .

with this rack,you can also put some other items like flower bowls and small toys , there are 4 option with 3 layer,4 layer,5 layer and 6 layer for your choice, after it is folded, it just become a board size and become very easy to take and keep

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