One cool stuff and necessaries for families with kids–Child Proof Electrical Socket Protector Safety Plug Cover

As we know for newly born kids they do not know anything about the world, so they will be curious to everything, when they get a stuff, they will try to smell , taste and play it, it is quite normal,  but for some items, it would be ok, but when coming to electric items, […]

Blackboard wall Sticker—-cool household stuff for encouraging children’s fantastic ideas

Almost all children are a headache to their parents because they paint and paste pictures on the clean wall surface that can be reached. The wall of your home may still have children’s autograph and graffiti, even full of a wall! Do you feel desperate when you encounter this situation, especially you are a person […]

Portable folding Baby Bathtub with temperature sensor —-cool stuff for babies’ bathing and no occupying space at home

When taking a bath, normally babies can’t use a bathtub directly with adults, Parents will always prepare a special bath tub for their babies. on the market there are so many different kinds of bathtub for kids, so how to choose a right one for the family? Today I will try to introduce one cool […]

Safety bumper strip for furniture corner and edge—-Essential creative stuff and baby safety protector

Crawling is an important stage in children’s life. At 8 months or earlier when children want to climb, many parents do not pay enough attention . In order to make the baby learn to crawl at ease, it is very important to prepare some protective household products for babies. As the baby growing up, they […]

creative USB charging/data cable with unique design for mobile phone

Mobile nowadays plays a great role in our daily life, people can even not live well with it, in china we can never take anything with us except mobile, we use it to pay for something, play games ,communicate with people , watching news and so on. It is so important to  our life that […]

fan cover mesh—-creative product to make your home a safe place for children.

once i was reading some news on website,suddenly one interesting item jumped to my sight,it was a fan cover mesh。because i have a kid,now the summer comes,and fan has become a very normal and necessary part of our daily life,however, as your know the hole between the fan cover is still too big for small […]

small life hacks about how to deal with the shoes in our house.

these days two creative product is very popular on domestic Tiktok in china ,their name is fold-able shoes rack. one is mall, and can take around 3 or 4 shoes, the other one is bigger with ability to take around 10-20 pair of shoes. model 1: 3-in-1 shoe rack it has the belowing characteristics 1: […]

creative ideas for your life:mini washing machine–new style washing innovation for your family

have you been tired of washing socks and pants every day? have you ever got a moment that your want to get all the socks together to wash them at one time? to solve this problem., today i will introduce one innovative product–mini washing machine this machine used the ultrasonic principle to clean the items, […]

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