fan cover mesh—-creative product to make your home a safe place for children.

creative household product---fan cover mesh

once i was reading some news on website,suddenly one interesting item jumped to my sight,it was a fan cover mesh。because i have a kid,now the summer comes,and fan has become a very normal and necessary part of our daily life,however, as your know the hole between the fan cover is still too big for small kids to put his fingers inside and get hurt, i was keeping worried about his safety,now this creative products really gets rid of my fear out.

with this new innovation,we can easily to make our lives better from the bellowing aspects :

  • Protecting baby’s fingers

this fan cover mesh can protect the child’s fingers, the grid can prevent the fingers of babies (even they are under 3 years old) into the fan ,but the wind force is almost not affected.

fan cover mesh
  • keeping Strong wind

the cover keeps away dust and protects children fingers but the wind flows still freely

fan cover mesh
  • Fitable to many shapes and sizes:

with Adjustable drawstring which can be pulled tight in order to close the opening, it is Suitable for different shapes and sizes of fans. the rope is designed elastically to be installed on to most sizes of fans. 

fan cover mesh
fan cover mesh
  • being anti-dust:

it is well designed to help to keep fan away from dust, dirt, pollen, pet hair, smoke and odors,then creates a healthier environment for our living

fan cover mesh
  • being washable and easy to be cleaned

the cover net can be very easy to be uninstalled, after beging cleaned,it can be reused for many times and long time

(Recommended not to cover the motor; the motor can heat up)

more creative stuff to help parents to take care of kids, please refer to the belowing link:

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