Different wholesale market /industrial cluster in china

as the developing of the online business,the traditional wholesale market is stepping down day by day,but it still plays a great role in our daily business for its real-time feeling experience and face to face negotiation between shop owner and comsumers.

in china there are many wholesale market for different kind of items, Yiwu market is the most famous market all over the world, at the very beginning there were many small workshops to manufacture different kinds of small commodities in Yiwu area, at that moment the factory boss had to find the sales channel to all the goods,so they created the idea to build a small commodities wholesale center to market their goods, this market was only famous for small commodities, then so many businessmen went there to purchase their goods, other items businessman came here to make shop in Yiwu , now there are also many other kinds of goods on this market , the scale of the market and the types of goods are both increasing in Yiwu.

Yiwu market is just one example of the market in china, from the developing of Yiwu market we can get a conclusion that always around the market area there are many related factory to support the business, this is a universal phenomenon in china , we create a name ” industrial cluster ” for this kind of business phenomenon which combined the wholesale market and manufacturing together.

in the bellowing i will have a bried introduction of  all the wholesale market or industrial clusters of different products,  they will be drawn up alphabetically.

section A– section E

A:    Agricultural Food and Products 

        auto parts and accessories wholesale market





section F–section J

section K–section O

section P– section T

section U—section  Z

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