Safety bumper strip for furniture corner and edge—-Essential creative stuff and baby safety protector

Crawling is an important stage in children’s life. At 8 months or earlier when children want to climb, many parents do not pay enough attention . In order to make the baby learn to crawl at ease, it is very important to prepare some protective household products for babies. As the baby growing up, they will try to crawl all over the house , If parents do not pay attention, he or she will climb out of the sight of parents. If it happened that there is a sharp corner of the table or stool around and baby bump into it, he or she will get hurt, In serious cases, there will be bloodshed. As a parent we certainly don’t want these misfortunes to happen to children. Hereby I want to introduce one creative stuff to solve your this problem—- Safety bumper strip for furniture corner and edge,

creative stuff--Safety bumper strip for furniture corner and edge
creative stuff--Safety bumper strip for furniture corner and edge

with this creative items you will feel so much safe for your baby With this cool stuff you can benefit from follows:


All you have to do is peel off the tape and stick it to the place that you need to protect.


Use corner protectors and bumper strips in your home to prevent any accidental scrapes from your child running into corners and hard places of your furniture. Child Proof Corner Protectors and Safety Strips will stick to almost any surface by using long-lasting 3M tape. You can use them on wood, glass, steel, ceramic surfaces and etc.


baby corner covers and table guard bumper strips are ideal present for any parents or grandparents. Kids have so much energy, and sharp edges and corners pose a constant danger, so recommend this small cool stuff to any parents you know.


The sharp edges on any furniture like tables and chairs are lurking dangers for your child. One slip or false step could cause your child to lose his or her balance and fall right onto that sharp edge. You will get your mind peace by preparing this small innovative gadgets for all the corner and sharp edge of your house

about how to use this innovations ,it is aslo very easy,just following this steps will be ok。

bumper strip for furniture corner and edge

Step 1 : Clean the places to be protected, such as the corner of the table, the edge of the cabinet, the exposed glass, etc. after removing the greasy and dust on the surface with a wet cloth, wipe the water stains with a dry cloth, and paste after the veneer is dried.

Safety bumper strip for furniture corner and edge

Step 2: After pasting the cover or strip you can press the whole cover firmly by hand. Then gently shake the pasted cover or strip by hand to see if it will fall off. If it is not fixed, you should press this tiny innovation again and again until it can not be easily removed.

-Safety bumper strip for furniture corner and edge

Step 3: Once the cover and strip are found to fall off after a long time use, it is necessary to replace it with a new one with good adhesion so as to avoid the baby’s accidental collision.

Parents should also be reminded that this creative stuff is designed to eliminate potential hazards and reduce injury, but it can not replace the role of guardian. When the baby is playing, it is also necessary for kids to be accompanied by parents to prevent accidents.

more creative stuff to help parents to take care of kids, please refer to the belowing link:

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