creative ideas for your life:mini washing machine–new style washing innovation for your family

innovative foldable mini washing machine

have you been tired of washing socks and pants every day? have you ever got a moment that your want to get all the socks together to wash them at one time? to solve this problem., today i will introduce one innovative product–mini washing machine

foldable mini washing machine

this machine used the ultrasonic principle to clean the items, it is very widely used in our daily life. combined with the unique design and good material,  it mainly have the bellowing advantages:

1: easy to operate. u just have to open and unfold it , then connect the machine to one USB socket, with remote u can easily control it

        2: no hurt to items to be washed. it is washed by ultrasonic, compared with the normal machine,items will never be rubbed ,knead or rolled,so items can be easily to protected

3:good to isolate the dirty items. for example, the socks maybe have many kind of virus and germs,if it mixed with the under wares when washed,the virus and germs will transfer to the under pants,this will be dangerous for our body .

4:easy to be stored.with the foldable design,u can keep it with the minimum size and put it under the table,hung on the wall or some small tiny space area.

foldable mini washing machine


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