Portable folding Baby Bathtub with temperature sensor —-cool stuff for babies’ bathing and no occupying space at home

When taking a bath, normally babies can’t use a bathtub directly with adults, Parents will always prepare a special bath tub for their babies. on the market there are so many different kinds of bathtub for kids, so how to choose a right one for the family? Today I will try to introduce one cool stuff for our family, after my illustration people will come to know our portable baby bathtub with temperature sensor

cool stuff---Portable folding Baby Bathtub with temperature sensor

The following are the advantages of our this cool items:

1.Saving space.

This creative stuff is foldable, and can be folded when not in use. It is fast to open and convenient to put away. It is only the size of a tennis racket after folding, so it will not take up too much space, and it is very simple to store it.

2.Easy to carry on.

This innovative baby bathtub is very small and delicate, not too heavy. If you want to move, it is very convenient, especially while changing houses.

3. Good for babies’ health.

With the help of water pressure, the bathtub can enhance babies’ cardiopulmonary function and reduce their fatigue quickly. Through the circulation of blood and lymph, it can regulate their balance of organs, so as to achieve the effect of treating, preventing illness.

4. Measuring the temperature intelligently.

When water gets in the gadgets, the screen on the creation will automatically show the current temperature of the liquid, so parents can balance the quantity of the warm water and cold water , with this function parents can keep the temperature between 35 to 40 which is more comfortable for the kids.

Portable folding Baby Bathtub with temperature sensor

5  humanization design to make baby comfortable when bathing

At the foot side of baby when showering there are one shower holder , so that the parents can easily put the normal shower to get water inside the tub. And also there are some small stuff holders on the tub for parents to keep some tiny stuff

Portable folding Baby Bathtub with temperature sensor

here are some Reminding about how to use this gadgets

1. Please clean the bathtub for the first time, and then use it after cleaning.

2. When using, it should be unfolded gently, and the temperature measurement function should be turned on during water into the tub.

3. After using, fold it gently, and put it in a safe place.

cool stuff---Portable folding Baby Bathtub with temperature sensor

because of its flexible and convenient characteristics I think this cool stuff will become more and more poplar among the mothers, on the kids side with this temperature detecting function children will enjoy the bathing time .

more creative stuff to help parents to take care of kids, please refer to the belowing link: https://www.chinabusinessguider.com/10-useful-creative-stuff-to-help-parents-to-take-care-of-kids/

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