Blackboard wall Sticker—-cool household stuff for encouraging children’s fantastic ideas

Blackboard wall Sticker----cool household stuff

Almost all children are a headache to their parents because they paint and paste pictures on the clean wall surface that can be reached. The wall of your home may still have children’s autograph and graffiti, even full of a wall! Do you feel desperate when you encounter this situation, especially you are a person who really like cleanness? However, as parents they can’t stop their children mercilessly, because it will kill their imagination.Every child has a period like this to express his feelings by painting and writing. The walls of many parents’ homes are painted with big white walls, which are simple and fashionable, but they can’t bear the creativity of their children. Are there any stuff can solve this problem? My way is to let children paint, and follow their hearts! Give them a creative blackboard wall sticker at home, and paint as they like. with this cool household stuff, children can still express themselves freely and cultivate their self-discipline ability.

Blackboard wall Sticker----cool household stuff
Blackboard wall Sticker----cool household stuff

The advantages of this cool items are as follows:

1.Easy to Clean.

You can wipe this stuff with the wet cloth to make it clean and dust-free.

2.Simple Applications.

It is easy to be posted in living room, bedroom, children’s nursery and etc. With self-adhesive capability, this item sticks well on most smooth, clean and flat surfaces like walls, window, mirrors, counter-tops and etc. You can just peel off the release liner and smooth down the surface during installation. It won’t wrinkle and bubble as other film.

3.Easy to cut in order to fit the size of your wall.

Besides, you can just trim it into any shape you like. The shape of blackboard wall can also be cut at will, which can always make the home beautiful, beautiful and practical.

Blackboard wall Sticker

4.The PP environmental protection material is convenient to carry, and the surface is grinded which is smooth and easy to erase without reflection.

Blackboard wall Sticker

Usage of this creative household product:

  1. Just peel off the release liner, and do not tear off all the stickers.
  2. Fixed on the wall, first use a scraper to paste the top of the blackboard sticker, eliminate bubbles, and then paste firmly. When scraping, pay attention to scraping from the middle to both sides, so as to eliminate bubbles.
Blackboard wall Sticker

Tips: blackboard wall stickers have full-back glue and only pasted all around. If you want to tear off the blackboard stickers in the future, choose the pastes that don’t hurt the wall! It doesn’t matter if you want to keep it forever as I do. The full-back glue is not afraid to make the wall uncleanness. Blackboard paste suggested to buy thickened because this is not easy to bubble, and texture will be better.

Blackboard wall Sticker

If there are children at home, pasting a blackboard wall sticker is really very useful. Now, there are many people who set up blackboard wall stickers at home, which is not only artistic and beautiful, but also can prevent the wall from being dirty, and can let the children enjoy their creation, give full play to their imagination and cultivate their interests. So why not try such a cool household stuff for your children!!??

Blackboard wall Sticker----cool household stuff

more creative stuff to help parents to take care of kids, please refer to the belowing link:

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