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this is ryan from china,i am very glad that my personal blog finally start and get this platform to share my information to our readers

long time ago i planned to write something to intruduce something about our china,but always i was too lazy or busy to do this. after some time thinking i started the work finally.ain this website i will try to share some information in the following aspects: 1) creative products or cool stuffs in china ; 2) different wholesale market or incustrial cluster in china:3)some leftover goods in china.

after about 12 years working as engineer, gift sales worker, jewelry worker and shipping agent staff ,i got some experience about working, this blog is what i want to do from the time when i am working as gift company sales, when that time i was working as gift sales, my job is trying to get some cool or unique stuff to recommend to the big company like pepsi, china commercial bank and classy kiss milk,everyday i sat by computer and searched for innovative products with different kind of price phase,from that moment i want to make a collection of all the cool gadgets i got

from about 2005 after i failed in the jewelry business i got a job as shipping agent,for this i start to know more trading company and foreign people who is agent of some other oversea company in china。sometimes i also helped them to search goods on website or offline market。with this i came to know many information about different kinds fo products’ wholesale market or industrial cluster,after serveral years working as shipping agent i want make a full collection of all the wholesale markt in china。

2020 is really hard year for all over the world,china also suffered a lot for this ,before this year china cancealed a lot of booth business, but for this virus many people lost their job and had no way to move on.just that time our country government open the policy for the booth business.before i have a client who is doing this left over garment business in china,so i am thinking of doing this booth business at the same time to cover our daily cost and share some left over goods information with our readers

very glad that my readers can share the information with me about 3 aspects information with me,welcome to get mail [email protected]

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