10 useful creative stuff to help parents to take care of kids

creative stuff to help parents to take care of kids

everybody knows that it is hard to bring up a kid, they are too young and know nothing about the world, in the journey life of the baby there are all kinds of potential risks and mistakes around them, as a parent we have to try to help them to get into a good habit to make them independent to face this kind of risks and mistakes, hereby chinabusinessguider will try to introduce 8 useful creative stuff to help parents to take care of the kids

unique creation– foldable mini washing machine

useful creative stuff-mini washing machine

this gadget is foldable and can hang to the wall to save the space of the house, because the kids will change the clothes very often, with this machine, you can wash their clothes in time. secondly if we washed the clothes of adults and kids together,the bacteria of the adults’ garments will hurt the baby, so we can provide the kids a washing machine just for him or her to protect them.

Portable Folding Baby Bathtub With Temperature Sensor with creative design

creative stuff for young kids

this item and the above mini washing machine are using the same material , and they are both portable and foldable. compared with the normal products, they can save a big space for the house. this bathtub have unique design that there are a temperature sensor to inform the parent to put in some hot water or cold water to keep the right temperature, so the baby can enjoy bathing.

unique innovation–Blackboard Wall Sticker

Blackboard wall Sticker----cool household stuff

kids like to draw when they are young, parents should provide them a good place for them to do such things, blackboard wall sticker will be a perfect solution for the parents, firstly it can make full use of the house wall and never take extra space for kids to write on, secondly it will be a good tool for parents to teach the young kids something like a teacher . and also the sticker is very easy to get on and remove off from the wall

Foldable Baby Crawling Mat

creative stuff for baby to learn to crawl

before kids start walking all the babies will start from crawling, so a crawling mat will be necessary for all the baby families, this crawling mat is soft, easy to clean and made with non-toxic material. and also this mat is foldable and will be easy to be kept

small innovation—-Electrical Socket Protector

cool stuff and necessaries for families with kids electric socket cover

when kids start to craw, they will be curious about all the items in the house, they will touch, smell and play it, most time it will not be a problem, but when coming to the electric product, it will be a huge issue. this electrical socket protector will do a great help to protect the kids from electrical shock.

Safety Bumper Strip For Furniture Corner And Edge

Safety Bumper Strip For Furniture Corner And Edge

as the kids grow up they will start to run all over the house, they are young and afraid of nothing, it is easy for them to get hurt, with this creative gadget it will reduce the rate of kids getting hurt by the sharp corner or edge of furniture and house equipment

Safety Ribbon Lock For Drawer

Creative Stuff For Parents With Small Kids Introduction

same like the safety bump strip this item can also reduce the risk of kids getting hurt. the kids are curious and they will always try to follow the parents when parents open the drawer or fridge, they will try to do the same thing, however, kids always make the drawer a mess or break some precious item inside, sometimes the items are dangerous for kids, with this item you can find a solution

fan cover mesh

creative household product---fan cover mesh
creative household product—fan cover mesh

at summer the fan is also a dangerous gadget for kids, sometimes they will put the finger into the fan by conscientious, with this item, parents can avoid something really bad happen to kids

kid toilet step stool  and Frog Shape Children Kids Potty Training Urinal  with cool design

creative stuffs to make kids easy at tolilet

these two items are helping the kids to get the habit of giving shit and urine in the right place, so that make them like cleanness and

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