3 creative stuff for live streaming in china

For the reason of the spread of COVID-2019, many people can not go out for shopping, besides there is some normal e-commercial business to solve this problem, the live streaming economy also becomes more and more popular in china. As the huge demands for streaming online, the equipment of streaming also become a necessity for […]

10 useful creative stuff to help parents to take care of kids

everybody knows that it is hard to bring up a kid, they are too young and know nothing about the world, in the journey life of the baby there are all kinds of potential risks and mistakes around them, as a parent we have to try to help them to get into a good habit […]

creative USB charging/data cable with unique design for mobile phone

Mobile nowadays plays a great role in our daily life, people can even not live well with it, in china we can never take anything with us except mobile, we use it to pay for something, play games ,communicate with people , watching news and so on. It is so important to  our life that […]

small life hacks about how to deal with the shoes in our house.

these days two creative product is very popular on domestic Tiktok in china ,their name is fold-able shoes rack. one is mall, and can take around 3 or 4 shoes, the other one is bigger with ability to take around 10-20 pair of shoes. model 1: 3-in-1 shoe rack it has the belowing characteristics 1: […]

creative ideas for your life:mini washing machine–new style washing innovation for your family

have you been tired of washing socks and pants every day? have you ever got a moment that your want to get all the socks together to wash them at one time? to solve this problem., today i will introduce one innovative product–mini washing machine this machine used the ultrasonic principle to clean the items, […]

Guangzhou auto parts wholesale markets

in Guangzhou there are many different kinds of auto parts wholesale market,mainly there are 5 viechle accessories market,according to the different function of the markets,all the Guangzhou auto parts wholesale markets are divided like below 1 logndong,yuangang,dongyi and xinguangcong auto parts market in tianhe district focus on heavy truck accessories 2 for small trucks and […]

different kinds of creative stuff to help people to organize clothes

for some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder,it is very important to keep everything in order and organized ,in the house clothes and related items are the most key item to be paid attention to,if they are in order ,everything will be in good situation,then people will feel good. today chinabusinessguider will introduce some creative stuff to […]

creative stuff for shopping in super market

shopping is the most normal thing human being does,but when there are many items you purchased,it would be necessary to get a bag,now plastic bags is the most widely used item,but it is costly and not eco friendly, it would be better to take a bag by ourselves. in this article I will introduce two […]

auto parts and accessories wholesale market

as the improvement of our living standard,vehicles have become one important part of our daily life. currently China has grown up to be the top first vehicle market, accordingly the largest auto parts and accessories wholesale market. in this article chinabusinessguider will try to share some information about the main auto parts market Guangzhou Shengda […]

famous agriculture product wholesale markets introduction in china

there are many different agriculture product wholesale markets in china for food ,vegitables ,aquatic products, dried food and fruits in china,hereby i will list some famous place for our readers China Shouguang Farm Produce Logistics Park(山东农产品物流园) Location:  1# Wuliu Ave, Shouguang, Weifang, Shandong, China( 山东寿光市物流大道1号 ) Bus Station: ( China Shouguang Farm Produce Logistics Park […]

Foldable Baby Crawling Mat—-creative stuff for baby to learn to crawl

when It’s time for small babies to learn crawling skills, every parent will be worried about using indoor products to help babies to practice crawling skills. Because crawling has many problems, they can not be directly placed on the bed, in case of falling down; they can also not be placed on the floor, this […]

Two creative stuff for small kids to make kids easy at toilet

These days I got two creative stuffs for small kids, one is kid toilet step stool , the other item is Frog Shape Children Kids Potty Training Urinal  Function for step stool: 1 to help the kids to be high enough to get on the European toilet to give shit or urine Most of the […]

Creative stuff for parents with small kids introduction — Safety ribbon lock for drawer

Name of this creative stuff is Safety ribbon lock for drawer or anti-pinch strap lock for drawer Feature of this product: 1 protecting the kids for the newly born baby they are curious to everything ,so they will try to discover everything around him,when they see how their parents open a drawer, they will try […]

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